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Gold elegant watch face wear os

Gold Elegant watch face

wear os

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Gold Elegant analog watch face, a beautiful and minimalist watch face for your Wear OS smartwatch. With its analog and simple design, it adds elegance and modernity to your wrist. Customize the main color from pastel gold to any other color you like, and add contrast with black elements. Set two custom shortcuts and one custom complication on the watch face to suit your needs and preferences. The watch face also displays the battery level of your watch and your heart rate.

Some of the features of Gold Elegant analog watch face include:

Analog and simple design: Enjoy a classic and refined look on your wrist with this analog watch face.

Customizable colors: Choose from a variety of colors to match your mood, outfit, or occasion. Change the main color of the watch face from pastel gold to any other color you want.

Customizable shortcuts and complication: Access your favorite apps and functions with just a tap on the watch face. Set two custom shortcuts and one custom complication on the watch face. The complication is set to Steps Counts by default, but you can change it to any other data you want to see on your watch face.

Battery level and heart rate indicators: Keep track of your watch’s battery level and your heart rate with the indicators on the watch face.

Gold Elegant analog watch face is compatible with Wear OS devices API 30+ like: Google Pixel Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, Galaxy Watch 5 etc.
Not Suitable for Rectangular Watches

Be sure to accept the sensor message when you first apply it to the smartwatch to display steps and heart rate correctly.

The Heart Rate feature is connected to S-Health and displays values based on your device’s settings. For best performance, tap the Heart Rate icon and take a manual measurement after applying the watch face for the first time.

Gold Elegant watch face
Gold elegant watch face wear os modern simple

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Most frequent questions and answers

It is compatible with all Wear OS API 30+ devices, like Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, Samsung Galaxy Watch5, Watch4, Google Pixel Watch and more.

To customize the colors, simply touch and hold the display, then tap on the Customize button and find the color option in the customization menu.

Yes, it supports both ambient mode and always-on display mode.

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