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Watch Face Analog

Minimal Black v17

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Elegant and Minimal Watch Face by Monkey's Dream for Wear OS and Samsung Smartwatches

Information on Wear OS

Day and Date
Colors x9
Step Counter
Heart Rate Monitor
Battery Indicator
App Shortcuts x2
Custom Shortcuts x2
Custom Complication x1
AOD Mode

Heart Rate Notes

Does not automatically measure and does not automatically display the HR result when installed.

To view your current heart rate data you’ll need to take a manual measurement. To do this, tap on the heart icon. Wait a few seconds. The digital dial will take a measurement and display the current result.

After the first manual measurement, the watch face can automatically measure your heart rate every 30 minutes. Manual measurement will also be possible.

Please make sure that the screen is turned on and that the watch is worn correctly on the wrist during heart rate measurement.

Other features:

It was also created to save power as well as design. It has custom shortcuts that you can set your favorite apps and it also has 9 colors that you can change according to your mood, outfit or whenever you want. You can also add weather to keep up to date with the temperature and weather status.

– Make sure you have enabled all permissions from settings -> applications.

If the installation is difficult, please contact me via email or on my social media, I will be happy to help you, but also for other -reasons: [email protected]

If you are undecided of the purchase, we have a large collection where you can find the right digital dial for you. Right now all of them give many people health dates and of course, the time.

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